The Table Company: A B2B Business Kicks-off it’s B2C Line of Business in Time of Covid-19 Lockdown

CerraGlobe specialises in custom tableware. Since 2010, CerraGlobe has been committed to making food look good. They are a one-stop shop for all tableware, buffetware and cookware requirements of HOTELS & RESTAURANTS. CeraGlobe is where you find crockery, dishes, glassware, cutlery, chafing dishes, buffet display items, other accessories, cooking pans and cast iron products.

But things changed in 2020, Due to covid restrictions and LockDown the B2B business was restricted and they wanted to sell products directly to customers under new brand name ‘The Table Company’.

We acted as their consultants to transition their B2B model to B2C business model, right from going completely digital & acquiring new customer base.

We started Facebook ads to promote products in both Instagram and Facebook and in a very beginning stage we gained quite a good conversions.

With regular promotions, Influencers collaboration we were able to achieve 16X ROAS. Collaborating with influencers, engagement campaigns & creatives to support them we made a healthy audience and 25% returning customers.

The Table Company is truly inspiring how a brand adapted to the new business model given unforeseen circumstances and we are glad we were part of their growth & Progress.