Zweezle Designs and Develops an Ecommerce Website for Kaksh Studio

Kaksh Studio is a B2C home decor and interior design firm based in India, founded and led by women entrepreneur Ridhi Tijaria. The company was facing several challenges with their existing website, including an outdated design and a lack of user-friendliness. Additionally, they couldn’t update the website’s inventory and creative material themselves as it was built with complex coding, requiring technical support even for minor updates. As a result, they reached out to Zweezle, a digital agency that offers web design and development services, to help them create a more user-friendly ecommerce website.


Kaksh Studio’s existing website was outdated and not user-friendly, making it difficult for them to update their inventory and creative material without technical support. Additionally, the website’s design needed an overhaul to enhance its aesthetics and improve its functionality.


Zweezle offered Kaksh Studio a comprehensive ecommerce website development service that included the following: Shopify powered website: Zweezle created an ecommerce website powered by Shopify, making it easier for Kaksh Studio to manage their inventory and creative material by themselves. Content writing: Zweezle created unique and SEO-optimized content for the website that highlighted Kaksh Studio’s unique selling points and value proposition. Posters designing: Zweezle designed creative posters for the website that showcased Kaksh Studio’s products and enhanced the website’s aesthetic appeal. Photography: Zweezle provided professional photography services to ensure high-quality product images on the website. Onsite SEO optimization: Zweezle optimized the website for search engines, making it easier for Kaksh Studio to reach their target audience.


The ecommerce website developed by Zweezle has exceeded Kaksh Studio’s expectations. The website’s user-friendly design, easy inventory management, and updated creative material have enhanced their online presence and attracted new customers. Additionally, the website’s unique design, SEO optimization, and easy navigation have improved the user experience, leading to increased sales and revenue for the company.