QUANT LegalTech: An Explainer Video to Ameliorate Sales Pitch

Explainer Videos are short-form videos that highlight a company’s product, service, or idea in an engaging and effective way for marketing and sales objectives.

Quant LegalTech is a compliance management company based in India. Complius® is their tool that helps you understand and manage compliances that are applicable to your business.

We developed an explainer video for Quant Legal Tech to help increase their sales conversion of their tool Complius®

The target audience is CXOs from a variety of companies who want to make their legal compliance process simple, regulated, and error-free.

The video pinpoints the pain points a business faces in the process of compliance and highlights the USPs of the Complius® which actually make their life easier. It improved their sales process and conversion, and it gave their customers a better grasp of the tool.