Swiggy Whiz: How a Delivery Giant Optimised Their Operation Feat!

Swiggy Whiz Campaign Summary Video

Swiggy launched Swiggy Whiz, a campaign for students to earn by becoming ‘Hunger
Saviors’ during the pandemic. This is how we helped the delivery giant optimize their
operational feat. In a country with 37.4 million students (IBEF) enrolled in colleges, we
came up with a campaign to get grad students to register as delivery executives. We
called it Swiggy Whiz.

In just a period of 10 days, we received over 650+ registrations and were able to reach over 450k people through live digital campaigning, with a total ad-cost of Rs 23,000.
This was a successful campaign as we achieved good brand engagement and visibility in a short span of time, in addition to dealing with the pandemic.

Swiggy Whiz: Campaign Video by Zweezle Media

We wanted to urge students to sign up and get people to engage with the brand. To
do so, we adopted a few innovative steps to get the word out. We published heaps of
content, playing around with display ads, catchy phrases and emphasised on their USP to boost digital engagement. We threw in words like flexible timings, no uniform and complimentary bag to be more captivating. We focused on reaching students based on their interest points and keywords on Facebook, Instagram and Google.

We created a demo video to drive the message home and effectively used multiple
search engine marketing strategies to give more hype and hike the number of
registrations. We also included BTL asset design namely, standees, stalls and billboards along with social media posts and live and motion graphic videos.

As our first performance marketing campaign, we gained important insights in the
field of marketing, how to create successful strategies and use digital marketing
platforms effectively.