El Creador: Premium Leather Sneaker Builds it’s First Customer Base.

Footwear market is a crowded & competitive space, and it is very tough to build your first customer base. You need new ways to engage and inspire them. We need to always keep the pace with your customer & evolve continuously.

That is exactly what we did, we built the first customer base and creative social engagement for El Creador a premium leather sneaker brand for men. But first we had to define the target audience & create a creative communication style. El Creador has a variety of snear designs with 3 different categories of style. So we defined the audience in 3 different categories.

  1. Swagger: For the new age boys soon to be men who are defining fashion for the future. Style and design is what they look.
  1. Hustler: for men who hustle everyday and need the perfect pair of shoes for any occasion and do all with style and yet feel great comfort.
  1. Creator: For People who seek perfection in every aspect of their creation and in any creation, one who prefers to look minimal but no compromises.

And the amazing products spoke the same.

It was time to get started in digital space, Instagram & Facebook were majorly focused. Each and every product got its mark with exquisite creative introduction and engagement in it’s own personality space. Link link link

With Facebook ads we achieved healthy 4X ROAS in just 40 days of launch, with well defined promotions and discounts. In the course we maintained the website and made necessary content edits and developed functionality for better User experience & optimized Google business and Google ads account.

We progressed from Product position to label position in just a few weeks & and handed over to the client. This project will stay special to us