What is more important for your brand? CX or UX?

What is CX?

Customer experience or CX is everything that a customer encounters with a company or brand from all its touch points. Starting from customer service to a certain app, customer experience focuses extensively on how a customer feels while interacting with a brand or a company. One of the key properties of a good customer experience is presenting the customers with an affable interaction with a company’s representatives – representatives who eagerly solve the clients’ problems with an immediate and effective solution. To further the matters, a customer’s experience begins long before your product has an entry in their life and will continue for a long into the future. Customer experience can be measured with respect to a few aspects: overall experience, likelihood to continue use and likelihood to recommend to others.

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Is CX important?

Every business is endowed with a specific promise that will be delivered to its customers. Essentially, a business promises something to the customers — an expectation. A business or a brand should consistently live up to or improve on, which is expected of it by the customers. Only by continuously living up to the customer expectations and keeping the brand promise is what is needed to develop a long-term relationship with the customer and the brand.

Always be a step ahead in keeping the brand promise and work continuously to keep your customers satisfied and happy with your product or service. By striving to exceed expectations you’ll ensure that your business has the potential for long-term customer satisfaction.

A customer-centric approach is what’s recommended to be able to create a desired and positive customer experience for your customers. This is the key that shall foster the relationship between a brand and its customers, which in turn, increases the likelihood of a long-term commitment from your customers and brand advocacy.

A brand’s growth and sustenance depend on what your customers feel about you. What do you want them to feel about your brand?

A brand has the potential to prompt the customers to think or feel in a certain way at every moment of their journey with your brand.

Tailor the customer journey and create a positive customer experience to keep the customers loyal to your brand. The future of a brand as explained rests on the customer experience.


How does UX differ from CX?

Importance of Customer experience
How does UX differ from CX


Which is more important, UX or CX?

‘Aren’t they both the same?’

These are the questions that are often seen on the table whenever there is a talk about UX and CX. To answer the most obvious – no, UX and CX are not the same.  Let’s see how.

They both are similar in concept but one cannot take the other’s place. UX is a specific component within CX that concerns the usability of your product or site. CX, on the other hand, encompasses the end-to-end customer interactions and deals with many touch points. User experience is basically limited to a product, may it be an app, a website, or a physical object that a ‘user’ uses. This should be in sync with the client’s other products and business strategy but the influence is niched to that specific product. CX design looks at the entire experience and requires business skills to a great extent.  A customer is any person getting in contact with the brand whether or not they may at some point use one or several products provided by the brand. UX is part of CX, as each product demands to be user-friendly. The customer experience is influenced by the quality of the experience at each point but CX is especially interested in the entire customer journey from start and until the end. To know more about UX, check our blog on UX here: http://www.zweezle.in/blog/decoding-user-experienceux/

So as to conclude…

User Experience is very much the fundamental base of a good customer experience. This duo is very much intertwined and one does not necessarily top the other in terms of importance. Though UX and CX professionals possess complementary skills, currently are not operating as closely as they should be. UX deal with the product whereas, CX addresses the interactions that a user has with your company.

So, it’s plausible to have many customers who are usually unhappy with your UX. Similarly, you can also have the best UX possible but then your CX might be unfortunate. By the end, important thing is that you put your customer first.

Zweezle Media has a team of seasoned designers who constantly update their knowledge with the cutting edge technology, enabling themselves to provide the best of experience for the user. We are a team dedicated to upkeep the image of a brand with a detailed understanding and en elaborate research on every touch points that a customer encounters with the brand and thrive to make the most of these interactions to give the customers the best of experience.

User Interface and its linkage with well developed Mobile apps.

Mobile apps are the most potential tools to engage a large number of global audience. An eye-catchy, loaded with features app is something which every entrepreneur wishes to engage their audience with.

Any app development project requires market research to understand the behaviour of the target market. An app’s credibility is highly dependent on the user interface and user design aspects of the app. A bad user experience can be a result of bad user interface.

 mobile app design and development
Importance of User Interface in mobile app design and development

A few important concepts to keep in mind while designing the app are.

  1. Responsive design is Vital!

While designing the user interface of the mobile app one must keep in mind the app will be downloaded and used on a wide variety of mobile operating devices and varied devices.A special focus needs to be put on handling issues associated with displaying the app on multiple mobile devices.

2. Keep it simple yet attract the end-user

A minimalist style doesn’t guarantee a simple user interface. The best a well-designed app can do its first-time user is help in easily using and navigating across the app without the need for going through detailed instructions or guides. A simple user interface allows the user to perform multiple tasks using a few simple taps, touches or swipes.Using colours, patterns and textures effectively lets you keep your app’s interface as simple as possible.This encourages in more downloads and users of the app.

3. The OS – Operating system guidelines are for a reason 

A brilliant user interface is a direct result of understanding and using the required operating system’s rules and guidelines and implementing them strategically.It is necessary to adhere to the multiple systems.It allows to try out innovations with the touch gestures, navigation systems and interactions which in turn enables you to implement your user interface design in an improved format. An app is not easily made available on Apple store and Google play, it is rigidly scrutinised, so it’s better to do fair bit of research on the kind of apps made available on these stores and the guidelines used in implementing them.

4. Keeping the user interface graphical

Given a choice between an exciting, feature-oriented app and another app with a not so creative, text-heavy design app which one would you prefer? Obviously the feature-oriented one. It is going to keep you engaged and keep getting you to return to the app. This is because of a great UI design.

5. Prototype – Testing – Involve real users.

While you are evaluating your prototype, opinions, for evaluating different UI design opinions, it is best to involve real users. This should be done at an early stage of development, it reduces the confusion of which features should be included and which should be let go off. It reduces the need for re-working again on unnecessary components leading to cost-reduction, time-reduction and optimum utilisation of resources.

The look of an app’s User Interface depends on the target market. it is important to give your audience a user interface which is easy to understand and user-friendly. The app and mobile development industry is continuously advancing and growing at a blazing speed. What would set your app apart from other apps is the user engagement and ease of use, which would bring the user repeatedly back to the app and prefer your app and services over others.

We at ZWEEZLE specialise in web/mobile application design and development. We understand and research your target market to develop creative, user-friendly apps incorporating latest designs and following the operating system guidelines. Get in touch at  www.zweezle.in , to take your business to its true potential and reach the global audience.