Thought of 2D, 3D & Animation Videos in Business ? Check how.

What makes a smart marketer ace up his game in comparison to others? The ability to know what potential customers are looking forward to. They want to be entertained and wooed with visually engaging content and not be presented with just dull, uninteresting and monotonous facts.

2d videos bangalore
Screen Shot from one of the Animated Videos for our client

Today animation has reached beyond cartoon channels and beyond just the age bracket of children. More businesses are engaging in different types of animation and new concepts. What has led to this? Read on.

  1. The medium is very expressive in nature
  2. Communicates the brand spirit
  3. Delivers content surpassing reality

Zweezle Animated Video production

So what makes an animation video more attractive and useful to the businesses?

  1. Grabs the audience’s attention and keeps them engaged.
  2. Communicates quickly and in a detailed manner
  3. Creates an understanding for the audience and leaves a lasting impression
  4. The business and company could create an everlasting character which stays associated with the business forever unlike certain celebrities who may be trending now and later flame out as well as flaming out the commercial. Animation video lets you make your business timeless.
2d videos bangalore
Screen Shot from one of the animated videos made for our client

Animation could be of different kinds and the term encompasses a range of technical approaches but it can broadly be classified into 2D or 3D. Which approach is more suitable for a particular project depends on the subject, script, message to be communicated and the overall project objective.

So where can businesses use 2D/3D animation videos?

  1. Animated ads and TVC’s
  2. Animated/explainer videos for their products/services
  3. Character animation
  4. Animated infographics
  5. 2D Sales pitch/marketing videos
  6. Company details and reports
  7. Social media posts

Zweezle an animation video production company in Bangalore offers full-service animation right from discovery, script writing, conceptualisation and storyboarding, sound effect production and audio through to final delivery. 3D modelling, animation and visualisation support for clients operating across all industry sectors.Custom designed, pin-jointed and fluid motion character animation which includes motion and facial expression capture.Visual Effects VFX Integration of live-action footage and digital imagery to create environments which look realistic.

With animation videos, the world is your oyster with impossible possibilities. Yes, you read that right!

  • Animation is cost-effective compared to a live production shoot.
  • Animation is time effective since shooting a commercial may just take some time but the post-production takes even longer.
  • With animation, you decide what your character says, how he says, what emotions he portrays and how he portrays.
  • Animation can be larger than life — creating things which may not be possible with a live shoot.

Companies are focusing beyond strategies and include scripts, animated videos with strong messages which form an emotional bond and connect; animation with colourful graphics are in high demand creating brand recognition and making them captivating yet believable.