Importance of Photography In Media for your Business

“A picture is worth a thousand words” The need for crisp, sharp, good pictures is of great importance to showcase your products or brand to the consumers. Photography supports the engagement effort. Exceptional quality digital photography helps to tell the story clients are enthusiastically trying to share. Good photography makes brands look professional.

Photography Company in Bangalore

Zweezle, Photography Company Bangalore with its team of professional photography experts believe photos are like add ons in that glancing moment to trap the reader. If a photo is interesting enough, the reader or viewer will stop to it, read the caption and have a look at the intricacies in the picture and if the interest stays further the title of the article is read next. If the first-stage foundation and beginning of the article is captivating enough the reader will read all of the other details and content.

Photographs can capture a juncture in time in a way that no other medium of media ever could.

Zweezle undertakes fashion and product photography to showcase a brand and its products with absolute clear vision and niceties.

Zweezle holds the conviction that images are the universal language that people across the world can connect with.It is important for brands to use images to hook up and hit it off while connecting with their users yet staying true to their brand vision.Good photography helps concoct relationships through digital imagery.

Brands have diverse photography needs. Be it fashion photography, product photography Bangalore, industrial and factory or just about anything related to your business needs. Be it for print ads, online advertising, to display products on e-commerce sites or for social media. We at Zweezle are here to take care of all your advertising photography needs.

Here are a few tips you may want to mull over for your business and branding photography needs.

  • Only post photos that you have created, acquired through purchase or have a right to use.
  • Use your images in creative ways.
  • Add interesting captions to make your pictures more appealing and memorable.
  • Post “caption this” photos to engage fans and audience.
  • The photos should match your brand style and stay consistent with your brand image.
  • When high-quality photos are used, especially for online advertising and social media posts, it helps garner more attention resulting in more shares, likes, tweets, views and even product and business sales.

In today’s digital world, good photography and business branding go hand in hand. Images help leverage your brand, increase your audience and social engagement levels.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Are you prepared to start using good photography on online platforms? If the answer is yes, we can help you with all your photography needs to take care of all your channels, we at ZWEEZLE are here to help.When we take on a client, our first job is to establish what their photography type and need is like and if they have a need for a wide variety of pictures to exemplify the areas of the business that they would like to promote.We understand and perceive the needs and build our photography skills to match your business requirements.

Learn more about our services and how we can help you now.


Getting your Business in the online space.

Whether you are just starting off or are an established business firm, It is time to go OFFLINE TO ONLINE.

People have moved beyond brick and mortar and believe in the power of the internet for all their needs.

Digital Marketing Company Bangalore
Get your business off the ground.Go Online.

It is important to show your business presence in the virtual world.

Business is developing beyond fixed timings and definitely beyond closed doors and showrooms.

Let’s think of various ways to interact with your customers or say to be potential customers.

Firstly, analyse the industry your business is in, check the ongoing current trends and establish a business website. Zweezle, a digital marketing company Bangalore, helps you create great websites be it a basic design, a highly creative design, or any e-commerce solutions. Create an online web-store for an enriching virtual shopping experience. Customers would love to shop at the comfort of their homes at absolutely odd timings.

Having a pre-decided set budget and working based on what you really need along with a few priority wants will allow to craft a solution that meets your objectives while remaining within your budget.

Secondly, Send e-mails be it monthly or weekly, keep your audience informed and engaged.Inform them of new happenings, new product launches, any campaigns you may be launching or taking part in or just about general social causes. Zweezle could help you create great email campaigns and e-mailers.

Thirdly, Engage and create accounts on Social MEDIA websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+

Jump on the various social networks to get your store out and about in the fore-front for customers. Feature contests and promotions with coupons and vouchers in the social sphere and watch your store go viral. A little effort here can go a long way in driving sales to your store.

Fourthly, Create videos, advertisement campaign programs, attractive packaging options, online advertisements and anything you could do to promote and get your business talking. Zweezle video production Bangalore, helps you create professionally made creative corporate videos, promotional campaigns and a lot of other strategies to get your business reach its truest potential.

Lastly, blogs and mobile apps. These are specifically related to the type and kind of business, the industry your business belongs to, the scope of business and the general audience you are planning to cater to. Initially, you might not feel the need for one of these but as your business progresses you will definitely want to implement and get going with these.

Whew…. now that’s a lot of work to get your store off the ground and precisely that’s why we, Zweezle exist.We’ve got the experience along with the expertise necessary to help build your store and propel customers to the front door. Contact Zweezle, today to get your store off the ground!

Infographics – Make Information easier,quicker and fun!


Today, people are moving quickly, they want information, knowledge and news easily accessible and within a click.

Infographics Design Company Bangalore

Lets rewind back to our early days in play school.Our books were filled with beautiful images and descriptions and as we grew up it certainly got boring with just text in our books, you would have even skipped a few pages to get to the end.

What was more engaging? What created interest? What keeps you involved?

With the attention span getting limited to a glimpse and getting over even more hastily. It is important to provide such information which is accessible, comprehensive yet influential.

Zweezle creates Infographics which are a mix of content matter imbibed in colourful graphical representations.The use of infographics in business helps to represent information in an influential way creating brand awareness and promoting products and services they offer.

They are a creative way to share, educate and inform the viewers in the shortest simplest way yet creating a meaningful impact.Zweezle with its team of designers helps create that impact for your business.

Essentially, infographics breaks down interesting text into a designed art and infuse images, colours, movement into content that attracts the reader’s attention.

Zweezle helps you create a well-designed infographic which breaks down a complex subject into clear self-explanatory image or turn an otherwise mundane uninteresting subject into a more appealing one.

Video infographics is another area which is highly engaging and gaining popularity, considering the rise in smartphones and tablets.With more than 4 billion hits each day on Youtube, it is one of the most popular marketing tactics. It builds trust, curiosity and confidence among viewers.More people are on the go as they watch online videos from either their smartphone or tablet.It increases traffic on your website and social media pages.Infographics transform a non-working media piece to an effective one and repurpose information to generate more links and social activity and tell a clearer, more direct story.

Adding communicative content like infographics to your website, social media campaigns, print ads, mailers and promotions can be one of the most striking strategies in the comprehensive digital marketing campaign strategy. Zweezle,  An infographics design company in Bangalore, helps you design strategies to accomplish your business goals. Ideally, an infographic must be visually and perceptibly engaging, comprising a topic or theme that allures the target audience, and also be supported by other engaging content across your website and social channels.

Zweezle, a design company Bangalore, creates Infographics which help to counter information overload, they keep you engaged.Colour visuals infused with graphics and text movement create interest and willingness to read. Creating illustrations and informing is persuasive, easier to recall, fun to share and extremely engaging.

Get, set GO ! Get started with your Business Marketing Strategy.

 Easy ways to get your Business Marketing Strategy started

Marketing strategies require you to dive in a plethora of options available, online as well as offline. The main motto being promoting your business and getting in sales, creating such marketing plans that boost your business is crucial for its survival and growth.

Marketing Company Bangalore
Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategies are like ice cream flavours, each one has its own favourite based on what they like. Implementing these strategies is as fun as going back to re-creating your company and its products. We at Zweezle have tons of marketing ideas, for all kinds of business requirements to get you noticed.

1.Update your Business cards – This may seem a very insignificant thing compared to a lot of other things which require marketing, but if a person has to be re-called and associate with a company, it is of great value to be noticed with little tiny niceties you may leave behind.

That’s the beauty of it, a small yet powerful thing which leaves a lasting impression. A new-eye-catchy card will be appreciated, sometimes even turning into leads. Zweezle’s strong team of Graphic designers help you design the best business cards.

2.Create a digital version of Brochures – It’s great to get continual exposure to your business in so many ways along with being least expensive. Zweezle helps you create advertising mailers, print ads, and other ads.

3.Promote your products online – Coupons, Vouchers, Contests and free samples of your products when planned strategically through online medium, helps a great deal. Give some products away on social media outlets. Have some interesting, catchy marketing taglines like “Specially packed/designed for our customers only”, to build a special bond and embracing the devoted customers. People love free things, as much as they get, the more they talk about it. Try Zweezle, A Digital marketing company from Bangalore.

4.Create a “Thank you” drive, an initiative thanking customers for preferring you. Initiate with a “Best Customer of the Month” campaign based on certain pre-decided criteria’s and reward them, share testimonials and photos on your social pages from your customers for your product or service being used. Connect with other businesses who match same interests as your business to cross-promote in the community and to thank them for partnering with your businesses.

Still want more? Contact Zweezle, Marketing Company Bangalore, today for great ideas on marketing your business.

Get set with the following

1.Determine and have a well set Company USP – What set’s you apart from the normal? Why should customers choose you over others? What makes others tones ringing when there is a mention about your company?

2.Decide your target customer base – Who are you catering to? Who are the end-users of your product? Also, who are most likely to be referred?

Marketing content and graphics revolve around this.

3.Plan a marketing strategy – Devise a scheme to showcase your company and its products and services as a whole. A website, pamphlets, hoardings, digital ads, print ads, community involvement, promotional merchandise, social media strategy.

There is absolutely no end to the wide platform available to market your products online as well as offline.

4.Marketing Methods – Budget- Target market -End results; this is more like the ABC of Marketing. When the results show up, with more visitors checking your website, your phone ringing and you getting further on your dream list.

Review-Re-Evaluate-Review- Have a re-check on your marketing tactics on a timely basis, re-evaluate and find what is working and what not, review with upcoming marketing strategies and imbibe them into your business

As you grow and change, so should your marketing.

We at Zweezle are eager to answer any questions you may have about framing up your marketing strategy. Contact us, and let’s get started with your business!


Why Your Business Needs to Have Good Branding Strategy?

Why is branding important?

Well, reasons galore, but why should you think of it as a not so necessary propagation for your business?
In this digital era, branding goes a long way to create value for your organization.
This is where Zweezle helps build value for your organization.
Branding helps in building trust with stakeholders, customers, potential customers and employees.
In broad definitive marketing terms, branding is the sum total of a company’s value, which includes products, people, services, positioning, advertising and culture.

Branding Agency in Bangalore

Brands give potential clients a firm idea of what is a good deal before they make the purchasing decision.
Customers trust strong brands because they know what to expect.

Zweezle is a branding company in Bangalore, which helps to build a brand strategy so that it creates the right perception for the customer.

  1. Promotes Brand Recall and Customer loyalty
    Customers and clients are at ease when they know the brand they are dealing with, when they are aware of a particular product they know it is reliable and trustworthy, once the trust gets build; it further enhances customer loyalty towards brand hence building brand preferences.
    People are more likely to purchase from a business that appears skillful and authentic.
    2.Helps ace up your game from your competitors
    How do you stand out from hundreds and thousands of other organizations dealing with similar kind of products? What sets you apart? The answer is Effective branding. Zweezle is just the right company to contact. Branding is a great way to promote this recognition because people are busy and tend to adhere to familiarity.
    3.Describes your brand experience
    Be it the logo, tagline, advertising, websites or promotional merchandise; they walk-talk your brand, creating a visual appeal wherever they go. People are more aware and recognise the brand right from the visual appeal of the logo, a catchy tagline, free giveaways or promotional campaigns. The mix of all these make or break a brand. Zweezle helps create the best brand experience.
    4.Creates further leads
    If your brand creates the satisfaction and value the customer desires, it would be most likely further referred and would also be repeatedly used or bought, creating a further pool and network of users, which highly increases product value and consumption.
    5.Builds Business value
    A strong brand is talked about when it is loved by the customers, people love to talk about brands they enjoyed using or experiencing hence creating further growth and sales for the business, increasing brand and business value. Get in touch with Zweezle to help build your business value.
    6.Connects Your Business to customers
    A business represented through its brand is a great recall value for customers wherever they may be, a brand helps to associate a bond with the customer, which goes a long way in building a close association with the customer. Associate with Zweezle to connect to your customers.
    7.Inspires employees
    Branding the company means a great deal to the employees. Employees gain more clarity and insights on the business and work they are dealing with which helps develop and use their inbuilt talent, skills and knowledge for benefit, growth and development of the company.

Brands outlive products, unlike products which have life-cycles, brands are core to the organization. Branding is quintessential. Building brands build incredible value for organizations. Zweezle, branding agency Bangalore, helps construct your organization with great branding plans and strategies.

Graphic Designing to Brand your Business

Graphic designing is an art which when done in its truest creative, professional and passionate way; helps to bring across the message effectively to the target audience sometimes even stirring up hearts and minds. Zweezle with its creative team of graphic designers is just the right solution for your business.

web development company bangalore


It’s a normal tendency among people to dwell on to what they have seen, compared to what they have read or heard.

Graphic designs have the power to create attention and bring up advertising value. The need for eye-catching graphic becomes more and more valuable to a business. It encourages interest.

  1. Gives a visual representation of what your company deals with
  2. Encourages interest and builds activity to engage or buy a product/service
  3. Conveys a serious message about the establishment of the company
  4. Establishes a strong corporate identity
  5. Instills trust to your target and potential customers

Graphic designing is required for various aspects of the business. Zweezle accomplishes all your business requirements.

Logo Design Company Bangalore

A foremost requirement for brand identification and to be able to relate to the company.It is important to design the logo as per the needs and requirements of the business. It has to be memorable and identifiable to associate with the brand as well as ready to use in different media such as events, promotions and products. Logo’s provide an imperative connection to the products and services you offer.

Branding Company Bangalore

Collaterals such as Business cards, letterheads, company stationery require to be different from dozens of other businesses in forms of images and colours used. Plain simple boring collaterals do not have the attention frame they require. Make them intentional.

website design

Graphic designing doesn’t stop at company logo, there’s more to it. Strategically placing graphic requirements for customer reviews, product info and other details help make the website stand out to the competitors.

graphics design company in bangalore

Packaging today goes beyond wrapping your products, it’s much more; how a business fits in its graphical elements in reaching the customer through an advertisement mailer, promotional giveaways, vouchers, coupons and many more; creating a memory for the customer. It is important to have a uniform marketing campaign.

social media marketing

Social media has been growing big in the last few years, one of the best areas to bring in your creativity from graphic designing for your business. When your posts are added with captivating graphical images and representations along with catchy content, more audience is interested and follow your posts and share them. They will remember the company and keep it engaged on the social media.

A creative way to contribute ideas that tell a story, educate, and inform the readers has become a necessity, Zweezle, keeps your customers engaged with your brand.

It’s just not about showing and informing but how you do it!

Even content needs to be spiked up in terms of stylised font, art and colour to grab and move the audience’s attention. Sometimes imbibing it into the Graphics in a creative manner.

In graphic designing, there is no end to creativity as it is with Zweezle.  A one-stop shop for all your creative needs. Zweezle is known to be best creative design agency from Bangalore that provides all types of design services.

Zweezle helps bring across your business and its message through its creative branding solutions and graphic designing is just one of those.